Battlefront is perfect for couch co-op

Modern first-person shooters come in one of two flavors. There are the e-sport-style multiplayer experiences, where you spend dozens of hours honing your skills, competing against other players online. Then there are the story-driven campaigns, where you fight your way through gaming’s equivalent of a blockbuster movie. Some franchises, like Call of Duty and Halo, offer both of these in a single package; others, like the multiplayer-onlyTitanfall, focus on just one. At first glance, Star Wars: Battlefront, which launches today, falls into the former camp. It’s focused on epic-sized space battles, where Rebels fight against Imperial forces (both sides made up of real players), across iconic landscapes like Hoth and Tatooine.

But there’s another, smaller facet of the experience that lets you pair up with a single buddy and team up to fight off bad guys. You can play in the same room on the same television, a former obligatory feature that’s been gradually removed from big budget games. If you play it a certain way, Battlefront feels a lot like the Nintendo 64 classicGoldeneye.


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