‘Star Wars’ boycott hashtag calls film ‘anti-white’

There are various ways to hate Star Wars when it comes to racial and gender diversity.

The first way, also known as “the stupid way”, has been taken up by a bunch of men’s rights activists and open white supremacists on the #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag. Angered by previews and press (and now a new trailer) suggesting that the characters in the new Star Wars film may not all be white men, these lonely warriors have struck back, but with hapless bigotry in place of storm troopers. “If white people aren’t wanted in Star Wars, then our money must not be either,” one declared. Another muttered darkly about “Jewish activist JJ Abrams.” (Nobody tell them about Carrie Fisher.)

This is a picture of a Storm Trooper from The Force Awakens.
This is a picture of a Storm Trooper from The Force Awakens.

Another way to hate Star Wars over diversity is what might be called “the snob way”. It’s epitomised by critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, who wrote a gleeful takedown of the film on its re-release in 1997. Rosenbaum kicked Star Wars for its vacuous militarism (he mentions Reagan’s Star Wars program) and spat upon it for its derivative visuals. But his real ire is reserved for the giant antiseptic at-at shaped footprints Star Wars left on the crushed carcass of film.


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